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Five Tips to Help Allergy Sufferers:

1. Do a thorough spring cleaning. Throughout the winter, windows, book shelves and heating and air conditioning vents collect dust and mold that can provoke allergy symptoms.

2. Minimize outdoor activity when pollen counts are high. Visit Goldenrod www.pollen.com for pollen levels in your area. While you are there, sign up for your four day allergy alert to be sent directly to your inbox.

3. Call High Road at 763-477-3331 to schedule your air conditioner maintenance.


4. Avoid using windows and fans in your house that may draw pollen inside.

5. Reduce moisture in your home by installing a whole-home dehumidifier. Allergans like mold thrive in high humidity conditions. A whole house dehumidifier will offer protection from the spread of mold and other allergans.